Film Production

Our recent productions include:


Short Fiction 20 min. Directed by Antonio Naharro produced by Candella Films 2016. Awarded best short film from the Tele Madrid/La Otra at the 18th week of the short film of Comunidad de Madrid.


Documentary 21 min. Directed by Oscar de Julian and Produced by Mariela Artiles 2015. First awarded with the distribution Madrid En Corto. After that it has 5 awards from 3 festivals and 21 official selections in competition. Amen has just been finished and will start it´s film festivals rounds this year.

Mirada a las Raices / Glance at the Roots

Candella was invited to film a documentary about living conditions among the slums of Caracas in Venezuela. The intention was to alert the rest of the world to their poverty and hardship, in the hope of bring change and relief.

Our approach was to spend time among the people of the slums, gaining their trust, and listening to their stories and experiences. We used techniques from our education workshops to encourage these disenfranchised people to take an active involvement in the project and ensure that their voices were accurately represented.

The resulting film is very much a collaborative piece, which combines documentary observation with a fictional narrative devised and enacted by the people themselves.

The Flower Chamber

Candella collaborated with Manchester-based theatre group China Here and There on a piece that would express the cultural values and experiences of China's uniquely matriarchal Muo Su community.

The production process began with Chinese students from the university taking Candella's The World According To Film course. Through workshops and discussion the story, characters, and situations were developed. The students continued to work closely with Candella throughout the film's development and production, ensuring that the actors and director were able to reflect accurately the experiences of a Muo Su woman in the UK.

The film's crew was also selected to maximise the educative potential of the project. Film students eager to gain experience and knowledge were paired with top industry professionals, such as production designer and storyboard artist Richard Jeffers, who had just finished work on Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride, and soundtrack composers The Montgolfier Brothers, recently approached to score the next film by Spanish master Bigas Luna.



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